December 30, 2009—Attempt II

December 30, 2009

Well I wasn’t to dedicated the first time I started this and I have been trying to lose some weight for about two years now. I’ll do good for a week but then blahhhhhhh…

I have decided to join UUBL Winter 2k10 and I have a group of on-line friends that not only play the ukulele but are pretty serious about changing their lifestyles as well.  Andy mentioned blogging to help keep you motivated and since I had already started this blog, I thought why not update it and get it going again?

You, the common American or occasional Canadien or Brit or any other foreigner that reads this, might not struggle with your weight (good for you) or struggle with getting started on something (double good for you) but I struggle with both.

This journey is going to be painful and rewarding (unless I quit) and i look forward to seeing a new John in a few months. Motivation will be the key but I have all the motivation in the world. i am married to a hot wife that would like for me to live as long as her and she is going to help me in this journey. I also teach and as a role model for our nations future I need to care for my health or else I will help feed the obesity that has consumed our nation.  I also plan on being a father one day (no time soon guys so stop wishing) and I want to be around to see my children graduate from high school.

My dad once told me when I was in the Marines that one isn’t fat unless they can not see their junk when they pee b/c the belly is in the way. I laughed back then (1997ish) but i don’t laugh now. Being fat isn’t fun.  Being fat isn’t cool. Most people say that I’m not fat, you just are big. Little do we know that because of our lack of honesty to we feed the fatness. Let’s just be honest. I’m fat and I am here to change that.


Getting Started…

June 29, 2008

If you ever want to accomplish something sometimes you just got to jump out there and make a fool of yourself. You might actually discover that you aren’t making a fool of yourself. I have struggled with my weight for awhile and I finally came to the breaking point a week ago. When you stand in front of the mirror shaving and you start to cry because of what you have become it is time to fix it.

I have always joked about being fat, bald headed and hairy and it makes others and myself laugh but to tell you the truth I don’t always laugh. I think my comedic side was just hiding my true feelings about who I had become. I was an overweight slob. I don’t need anyone to tell me that I am being too harsh on myself because I’m not. I have heard people tell me for the last three years that “you’re not that big, you just have a belly, etc, etc, etc…” I am that big. I weighed myself and I weighed in at 268 lbs. That is pathetic. So I decided to “make a fool” of myself and inspire others.

This site and upcoming blogs will be a journal of motivation, success, and failures. I want to encourage you and anyone else you know to leave comments. Both good and bad. You see, I have thick skin and I thrive on negative feedback. Get in my face and yell at me. It feeds the Marine side of me that can be quite scary at times. Hopefully with your help I can make it come alive and become scary to my fat.

The goal is to update this blog once or twice a week with new pictures every two weeks. I will share meal plans as well as workout plans. Hopefully I can inspire everyone that needs to liose a few extra pounds.